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Fit Studio opened its doors at the beginning of 2002, and soon became a referral center for those seeking an effective and unique way of working the body, not only seeking aesthetic results but, above all, aiming for an improvement in quality of life, and often a relief and help in states of chronic pain. Our approach is based on the search for a healthy and balanced body, free of injuries. Through the Pilates Method, Gyrotonic®, Gyrokinesis®, and our methodology based on the latest scientific research on the Fascia System field, all of this focused on MOVEMENT, have revolutionized the rehabilitation industry worldwide. You will perform exercises in specific apparatus which will provide muscle stretching and strengthening, globally, without any impact on the joints.

Any Class methodology you choose will always have a repertoire composed by progressive exercises, which will be suited to each individual according to age, body type, state of health, presence or absence of associated injuries, physical conditioning and practice of some specific sports modality.


- Private Assessment, where the goeal of the sessions and classes will be traced;

- Mat Class;

- Private and Duet sessions in the Gyrotonic Method;

- Gyrokinesis® Method Group Classes;

- Leg Extension Unit® Private Class;

- Aerial Core (Vayu Aerial Yoga) group or individual classes;

- Individualized training for athletes, special populations and Seniors;

- Manual Therapy - Muscular Kinetic Chains (Leopold Busquet) and Postural Reeducation;

- New in: Session of Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI). Contact us for more information

- Bilingual assistance (English and Portuguese) in an air-conditioned environment;

The Target Audience:

In addition to the general public, we also have personalized services for pregnant women, athletes, seniors, dance professionals, as well as special populations geared towards rehabilitation or specific trainings such as Golf and Tennis.
Despite your goals if it is to strengthen or define your muscles, ease the stress of daily life, re-educate your posture or rehabilitate a specific pathology that involves a pain, our team will help you decide which technique and program is best suits your in order to achieve the expected results.

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