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Fit Studio was founded by Glaucia Rocha, Frésia Jorge and Juliana Andrade, who after years living abroad returned to Brazil with the goal of opening a reference center not only in Pilates and Gyrotonic®, but also in the practice of exercises that would be devoted to the prevention as well as treatment of injuries, just a few of the certifications completed by the head of our team:

– BASI Pilates™ – Costa Mesa, California;

– Stott Pilates ™ - Toronto, Canada and Long Beach, California;

– Pilates Master Mentor Program with Lolita San Miguel - Florida and California;

– GYROTONIC® - San Francisco and Los Angeles, California and Instituto Brasil, Rio de Janeiro;

– GYROKINESIS® - New York, GYROTONIC Manhattan®;

– PMA - CPT Certified.

– Anatomy Trains Structural Integration - Maine, USA

Currently the Lago Sul’s Studio has both Glaucia Rocha and Clarissa Wrobel as head of Physical Therapy program and, at the unit of Lago Norte, we have Ricardo Caixeta and Rafael Fontenele. It also counts with a staff composed by graduated professionals in the fields of ​​Physical Therapy, with post-graduation in areas such as: orthopedics, geriatrics and neurology. The uniqueness of the Studio is the quality of services provided by these professionals which are constantly improving their knowledge by attending courses, seminars and congresses.

Physiotherapist Glaucia Rocha was the first Brazilian invited to participate in the Master Mentor Program taught by Lolita San Miguel and since 2010 she has been trained directly by her. Lolita San Miguel was one of the only people to receive the certificate of Pilates from the hands of Joseph Pilates himself, the other professional was Kathy Grant who passed away in June 2010. Glaucia also has also trained with the biggest names in the Pilates industry, rehabilitation and Gyrotonic, including her first Pilates Mentor more than 17 years ago, Rael Isacowitz, founder of BASI®, during the period in which she lived in California exclusively to study with him.

In the GYROTONIC® Method she was certified by the creator of the technique, Juliu Horvath, in 2003. Throughout these years she has been constantly updating her skills with several Master Trainers, among them Victoria Lim from California, Rita Renha, Master trainer who introduced the technique in Brazil, and Paul Horvath from Germany, among others. In 2011 she resumed her studies in GYROKINESIS® with the Master Trainer Sebastian Plettenberg in NY. She is also licensed to teach Leg Extension Unit.

In 2012 she also completed the certification course in Vayu Aerial / Aerial Core, with Anna Prada educator, introducing the technique in Brazil.

Glaucia currently travels all over Brazil and abroad, providing courses and workshops, and also assists Lolita San Miguel in her Master Mentor Program. In February 2014 she became an official educator and general coordinator in Brazil for Lolita's Legacy Teacher Training course, a Pilates Comprehensive Training course, 100% developed by Lolita San Miguel.

Also in 2014, along with Mauro Bursti, she hosted and organized the South American Pilates Conference in Brazil, bringing a true Pilates' dream team to the country, world-renowned names such as Rael Izacowitz, Brett Howard, Kathy Corey, Elizabeth Larkam, Alexander Bohlander, and Mary Bowen, among others.

Between 2014 and 2016 Glaucia directed and co-produced in partnership with Voll Group, the documentary about the life and Legacy of Joseph Pilates. In order to accomplish this project, Glaucia and the Voll Team traveled all over USA and Europe, conducting interviews with former students of Joseph and with well known professionals who were responsible for spreading the method worldwide. The documentary is called, "Tribute to Joseph Pilates," and is simply a must-have item for any professional of the filed or any passionate enthusiast of the Method. The movie premiere took place in Phoenix, Arizona, for an audience of 700 people, in the largest pilates conference in the world, which is hosted by the Pilates Method Alliance. For more information about the film, visit: http://tributetojosephpilates.com

In her latest project between the years of 2017/2018, Glaucia spent 1 year in Maine studying with Thomas Myers and his team, becoming the first person in Brazil to have a certificate in Anatomy Trains Structural Integration, she also passed the American National Exam, and is a Board Certified Member of the International Association of Structural Integration.

The search for knowledge must be constant so we can always offer the best service, that’s why our team is constantly studying with instructors and professionals from all over the world, always trying to bring improvements and the highest standards to our Studio and its clients.

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