The Pilates Method, created by Joseph Pilates and originally called Contrology, more than 90 years ago, consists of a series of corrective, breathing-based exercises performed on specific apparatus, that will work the body as a whole, correct posture, develop physical vitality, refresh the mind and elevate the spirit, providing the mastery of the mind over the complete control of your body. People interested in achieving muscular balance, a defined and toned body, have sought this modality of body work that mixes stretching, resistance work and strengthening exercises.

The apparatus originally created by Joseph Pilates is structured through springs and pulleys, and the resistance imparted by these springs is used to help, strengthen, resist and center the body, integrating all these aspects throughout the progression of the exercises, working the body globally and in a balanced way.

His first students, whom we call First Generation Teachers or Elders, were all dancers: Eve Gentry, Kathy Grant, Lolita San Miguel, Mary Bowen, Ron Fletcher, Romana Kryzanowska, Carola Trier, among others. Thanks to these people and a few dozen students who took classes directly with Joseph and Clara, the Method could be passed down through generations. Only two of these professionals are currently alive, Lolita and Mary Bowen. Kathy Grant along with Lolita San Miguel were the only instructors who received the official certification of Joseph Pilates while he was still alive, the certificate was issued by the New York State Vocational Rehabilitation Division. Kathy Grant passed away in May 2010 close to completing 90 years, a great professional who will surely be missed within the world of Pilates. Lolita San Miguel teaches courses and classes until today, she is now 85 years old.

With the mass dissemination in social media and the popularization of the Method, many modalities have been created inspired by the principles of Pilates, but they do not resemble the original Method at all, for this reason, here in our Studio, we’ve taken very seriously the legitimacy of the Method.

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